Trajectory: /trə-jĕk'tə-rē/ noun;The path an object takes through space as a function of time.

We unite the right people, opportunities and timing forming teams that achieve greatness.


About Us

We're career recruiters with 100+ years of combined experience in tech company building, from initial engineers to scaling growth, spanning various domains and roles, including executive, principal, and admin. Our collaboration by choice, independently and together is your strategic advantage to deploy.

A lot is said about A, B, top-tier players and their dynamics; but what truly defines an A player, a top 2%, a 100x, or a 5-tool player? To identify them, consider their performance relative to the standard — finding such individuals is challenging, and companies guard them like prized assets.

That is why we formed Trajectory.

We have established trust with key players like Amazon, Apple, ArcSight, PGP, Google, Roku, Rivian, Tesla, 10X Genomics, Genentech, and more.

Our Services

We have honed operational agility with AI for today and tomorrow, ensuring unmatched efficiency and a competitive edge. Our services, whether full TA, sourcing, contract, direct, or temporary support, are tailored to your needs, guaranteeing top-tier A-team performance.

Areas of expertise:



Engage the premier talent in AI/ML/LLM through our executive recruiting relationships built over years to deliver visionary talent to visionary companies.



Secure your organization's future by partnering with us to recruit elite cybersecurity professionals and CISSP's who safeguard your digital landscape.



Expand and optimize your network's potential by leveraging our relationships with network professionals to ensuring delivery of carrier class, robust and scalable connectivity solutions for your business and products.


Web Services

Enhance your online presence with industry-leading web services professionals, sourced through our expert recruiting to drive your digital transformation.



Empower your FinTech innovations with the brightest minds in digital, crypto currencies; meticulously selected through our executive recruiting to lead your company into the exchanges of the future.



Accelerate your biotech breakthroughs by connecting with exceptional talent, strategically recruited to advance your pioneering scientific endeavors.


Alternative energy

Fuel your sustainable future by recruiting visionary leaders in alternative energy, dedicated to transforming the global energy landscape.


Consumer Electronics

Elevate your product offerings by recruiting top-tier talent in consumer electronics, driving innovation and excellence in every device.



Level up your gaming enterprise by recruiting the industry's most creative and skilled professionals, crafted to redefine player experiences.